Been a lot going on so no time to report back, first there was the party, it was great, lots of kids all wanted to play football, I was the goalie! I saved every try, but gosh I got tired I played for three whole hours then the kids went to

sleep, I slept too for nearly a whole day!
Then she who must be obeyed went away with a big bag with her stuff in it, funny I missed her for about an hour, then I found loads to do in the garden.
I got ambushed whilst on patrol, a big dog in the nextdoors garden, he threw me around but I got the better of him I would have killed him but my big brother heard me screaming – in anger! and came and stopped him.
Big brother has stopped up the holes in the fence, I wasn’t hurt just a bit bruised…..
She who must be obeyed came back, her skin was a different colour and she smelt of somewhere else, I was pleased to see her, honestly.
Its big walk day today I wonder where we will be going.Image

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