I Know, I know its been a while, she who must be obeyed has been too busy to post my musings but its sunshining and guess what????
I’m back!

The house is free of vermin but theres a mouse living in the back fence I am keeping watch, the little blighter comes out each day when the sun is going down (allegedly – too much cloud) and it pinches the bird food under the wyst…. wyster…. the blue flowered thing.
Unfortunately she who must be obeyed won’t let me out into the garden after 6pm, due to an unfortunate episode with a new dog in the neighbourhood, how was I to know he didn’t want me in his garden. I got hurt, very hurt so now I don’t patrol the south any more.
Anyway that little blighters days are numbered am plotting an attack!!! nuff said.

Spike has gone away, he didn’t like the snow I think, I hope he comes back, I could use some help with the crunchy ones and he can have all the slugs, the ants have gone too but yesterday the stingy stripped flying things came back, where do they go, don’t they like the cold?
perhaps it was the white stuff, I like the white stuff you can roll in it, run, jump and skid in it, but don’t eat it or you will get a very poorly tummy.

I have spent most days just guarding the house and swearing at intruders, not appreciated though.

Walks have been good but its been soooooo cold, glad the sun shine is back. today I shall mostly be sorting out the garden, whipping the vermin and digging for victory!



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